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We're still despatching orders, but delivery times may be significantly longer due to current COVID-19 restrictions.
We're still despatching orders, but delivery times may be significantly longer due to current COVID-19 restrictions.


Iconic colorized art prints, proudly made in England.

We create 'Made-to-Order' fine art prints of stunning black and white photographs from the past; authentically rendered into colour by skilled artisans continuing a craft tradition from the dawn of photography. Our museum grade prints are created to last a lifetime, proudly hand finished and sent from our print shop in St. Leonards-on-Sea on the south coast of England.


Over a century ago, we discovered how to record light through the invention of the camera. Soon after, a class of skilled artisans experimented with laborious hand painting techniques and photomechanical pressing to overcome the limitations of early black and white photography; working to bridge the gap between what the camera recorded and what we see with our own eyes in high definition colour.

Today, a new generation of digital artisans restore high resolution scans of old photographs back to their original condition, before using historical research and digital painting to add layers of colour on top of the black and white original. The result is a realistic and authentic depiction of a moment in history, capturing for the first time what the original photographer might have seen through the viewfinder of their camera.


Hastings & St. Leonards-on-Sea. Photo by Ben Guerin on Unsplash

ColorGraph Co. grew out of the colorization work of Jordan J. Lloyd, after receiving many enquiries as to whether prints of his work were available to buy online.

'I thought it would be worth setting up a small print shop so I could not only sell my own work, but the work of my contemporaries too. After a lot of thought, I reached out to Paul Thomas at Silverhill Studios in St. Leonards-on-Sea, and started working with his team to find the right paper stock.

We eventually settled on a heavyweight paper that held the colour nicely without fading. It was very important to me to have prints that felt premium the moment you took them out of the tube or envelope—I've always felt disappointed buying expensive art prints that felt cheap and little better than something I could produce myself on a home printer.

A genuine ColorGraph print should be reflective of the care and attention that has gone into the creation of each and every work we offer, which is why we emboss every print and provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity.' – Jordan

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All our prints begin as high resolution black and white scans, sourced from a number of archives all over the world. They undergo a full digital clean up to restore the photograph to its original condition, along with historical contextual research, and then colorized by hand using the reference material to make sure the final print is as historically authentic as possible.

We curate every single piece that comes from our collaborators, making small adjustments to optimise the photograph for printing. We also produce a super-sized enlarged version of the final print using cutting-edge technology to offer a colossal XXL size without any loss in quality to offer a focal point of any wall in a home or office environment.

Once all these stages are complete, the final colorized photograph is 'Made-to-Order' by our master printers, cut to size and embossed by hand, and the Certificate of Authenticity signed and stamped before shipping.

The result? A beautiful fine art print of with stunning richness and detail, individually produced just for you: whether or not you’re a history lover, an interior designer or someone looking for a unique gift that will spark conversation about the story behind the photograph.

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