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We're still despatching orders, but delivery times may be significantly longer due to current COVID-19 restrictions.
We're still despatching orders, but delivery times may be significantly longer due to current COVID-19 restrictions.

Drink-O-Meter, 1937


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Colorized by Jordan J. Lloyd
based on an original negative nitrate by Russell Lee
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  • Collectible giclée fine art print;
  • Hand-printed in England, with individual embossing;
  • Ships with a Certificate of Authenticity;
  • Guaranteed archival quality for over a century;
  • Each sale directly supports the artisan;
  • Global shipping available;
  • Listed dimensions include a white border for easy framing


Taken November 1937, Crosby, North Dakota, United States
(Library of Congress)

Cobbs Creek Drink-O-Meter

110°F Mint Julep: 1/4 bar spoon sugar. 3 sprigs mint. Fill glass 3/4 full of shaved ice. 1 Jigger Cobbs Creek.

100°F Bell Ringer: 1/2 Jigger of Cobbs Creek. 1/3 Jigger of French Vermouth. 1 bar spoon sugar. 1 dash of Angostura bitters. Ice, mix and strain into glass.

90°F Horse’s Neck: Peel lemon into one long string. Put peel in tall glass so that one end hangs over edge. Add ice cubes and 1 measure of Cobbs Creek. Fill glass with ginger ale.

80°F Mint Smash: Lump of sugar in a little carbonated water. 4 sprigs mint, bruised with muddier. 1 cube ice. 1 Jigger Cobbs Creek. Add lemon peel and orange slices.

70°F Highball: Use a tall glass. Fill with ice. Add a measure as much as desired of Cobbs Creek. Add ginger ale or sparkling water, whichever you prefer.

60°F Whisky and Soda: Use a tall glass. Fill 3/4 full of cracked ice. Add a measure of Cobbs Creek. Fill glass with soda or carbonated water. Add lemon peel if desired.

40°F Manhattan: Fill large glass with ice. 2 dashes Angostura bitters. 1/3 Jigger Cobbs Creek. 1/3 Jigger Italian Vermouth. Stir and Strain. Serve in cocktail glass.

20°F Old Fashioned: Old-fashioned glass. Melt lump of sugar in a little water. 2 dashes each of Angostura, Orange bitters. 1 Jigger Cobbs Creek. 2 cubes of ice. Stir, add lemon peel.

This historical photograph has been meticulously researched and rendered into colour from a black and white original by a skilled artisan, continuing a craft tradition that has existed since photography began.


"Sign, Crosby, North Dakota."

ABOUT RUSSELL LEE (1903 – 1986)
Born in Illinois, United States, in 1936, Lee's original ambition lay in chemistry, obtaining a degree in chemical engineering from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. During his time in Pennsylvania during the 1930s, Lee began photographing the state's coalminers and their working conditions. Hired by Roy Stryker's Farm Security Administration in fall 1936, Lee hit the road for prolonged periods, travelling throughout Texas and Mexico to capture the plight of tenant farmers, migrant workers and sharecroppers afflicted by the Great Depression. Lee's distinctive photography, including an extraordinary set in color of Pie Town, New Mexico, frequently appeared in LIFE, Look and Fortune magazines. As the United States entered World War II in the early 1940s, Lee would document the internment of Japanese Americans, before joining Air Transport Command, taking aerial and ground surveillance photographs. After the war, Lee moved to Texas to continue his work and teaching until his death in 1986.

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