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COVID-19 Update: Due to global lockdowns, we are batching our shipping for orders. Thank you for your understanding.
COVID-19 Update: Due to global lockdowns, we are batching our shipping for orders. Thank you for your understanding.

Warrior, 1881


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Colorized by Jordan J. Lloyd 
based on an original Albumen Silver print by Franz von Stillfried-Ratenicz
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• Colorized giclée art print, made in England 
• Printed on museum-grade archival stock
• Ships in a Tube


Taken c.1869 – 1881, c. Yokohama, Japan
(Capital Collections)

"The port of Yokohama became the base of foreign trade in Japan during the Meiji era, and a centre of newly imported Western technology such as gas-powered street lamps, newspaper and of course, photography. A number of photographic studios operated out of Yokohama, with the Japan Photographic Association (also known as Stillfried & Andersen) producing a prolific output of hand coloured portraits and landscapes.

Many photographers developed their own techniques for hand colouring albumen silver prints known as shashin abura-e (写真油絵) - 'photographic oil paintings', were incredibly popular with tourists of the time. A different version of the photograph also by me features as the cover of the Manic Street Preacher’s album Resistance is Futile (2018, Columbia Records)."

– Jordan J. Lloyd

Original Caption

"A portrait of a Japanese soldier from the waist up. He is standing facing his left whilst wearing ornate armour consisting of a chest plate and chainmail undershirt. His hair is swept back and is dressed in a topknot."



Our prints come in three popular sizes so you can frame them yourself. 


M – 12”× 16” inches (30.5 × 40.6 cm)
L – 16”× 20” inches (40.6 × 50.8 cm)
XXL – 30”× 40” inches (76.2 × 101.6 cm)


Please note that the Listed Sizes refer to the print stock which comes with a white border. The printed image sizes are:

M – 9 ½" × 12" (24.1 × 30.5 cm)
L – 12 ¾" × 16" (32.3 × 40.6 cm)
XXL – 24" × 30" (61 × 76.2 cm)

Please note that all giclée art prints are currently supplied unframed.


Proudly printed by the Silverhill Press, an independent printer based in St–Leonards–On–Sea on the south coast of England. More information about our prints can be found here.

This is a derivative work. Photographs for illustration purposes only.