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LOS ANGELES HERALD, August 2nd, 1905

Is Unafraid, and After Her Successful Voyage Declares She May Adopt Aeronautica as Profession

Hazel Odell, a 17-year-old girl, made an ascent last night in Alvah L. Reynolds' air ship at Fiesta park. Miss Odell has been deeply interested in "Man Angel" ever since its construction was begun last March, and after Herbert Burke and F. Le Point, the aeronauts, made successful flights on Monday night she volunteered to make a trial trip.

The flight was made last night at 9 o'clock in the presence of a few of those interested in the experiment. Miss Odell entered the car aline and with only a light fish line as a guy rope raised herself to a distance of nearly 100 feet. After slight effort she was able to propel the airship in any direction and control its ascent and descent at will. When asked as to her motive for performing the feat Miss Odell said" "Why should I not? Other people have done it and I was not afraid. The fact I am a girl should not matter."

When asked whether she intended to take part in the extensive cutaway trials which Reynolds and Burke experiment to make over the city of Los Angeles during the coming month, she said, "Yes, I expect to fly from the top of the big buildings some day soon. The fact you are a little higher up in the air does not make any difference. The ship is is under perfect control all the time and nothing can go wrong. I mat even make a profession of air ship navigation, for I believe that it is both possible and probable that this invention will be the financial success that Mr. Reynolds hopes."